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What are the Workplace Injuries in a Stadium?

Workplace Injuries Stadium

Every workplace carries some degree of hazardous conditions.  Even office work can have its share of hazards on the job, especially if the employer is negligent in some way.  Working a stadium can involve a whole different set of hazards that are normally not incurred by other types of employees.

Stadium workers can be subject to workplace hazards such as:

  • Excessive noise
  • Falls attributable to uneven flooring
  • Falls attributable to lack of railings or defective railings
  • Excessive stress as a result of working with customers who exhibit erratic behavior
  • Physical assault by guests at the stadium
  • Accidents that are a result of stairways
  • Excessive fatigue associated with walking up and down many steps during a shift
  • Accidents involving being hit with a ball or a puck from the game in progress

What Happens if a Stadium Worker is injured at work?

As in all workplace settings, an employer has a reasonable duty to keep employees safe during the time an employee is on duty.  If there is a hazard that is new, the employer must notify employees about it and take action to correct as soon as reasonably possible.  For example, if a railing just broke an hour ago and then an employee has a fall related to the broken railing, it may not be reasonable that the employer would be able to notify the employee within that timeframe.  If the railing was broken for a few weeks before it was repaired, the employer would likely have an affirmative obligation to tell employees about the hazard so that they could avoid the danger.

For hazards that are constantly present, such as excessive noise or the possibility of having an encounter with an unruly patron, employees should be given protection such as ear plugs and possibly training on how to deal with bad behavior from patrons at the stadium who may be intoxicated or exhibiting dangerous behavior.  Employees should be trained in role-playing scenarios so that they may be prepared for many of the common situations they may encounter during work at the stadium.

Employees should be trained on the best way to maneuver through the stairways and other tight areas they may encounter in the stadium.  There should be processes in place in case the employee witnesses the spilling of a drink that could lead to a slippery surface in the stadium. This will prevent fans and other employees from having slip and fall accidents as a result of the slippery area.

Additionally, employees should be taught what to do if they witness another employee or a customer being struck by a ball or a puck during the game. Obtaining fast medical advice and assistance could mean that the employee or customer makes a full recovery.

Exton Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Wusinich, Sweeney & Ryan, LLC can Help if You are Injured While Working at a Stadium

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