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How Can Workers’ Compensation Help Injured Coal Miners?

Approximately 44,000 adults work as coal miners across the United States. Roughly 40 percent of coal miners come from Pennsylvania. In fact, for centuries, Pennsylvania has been a leader in many types of mining. Like many physical occupations, mining can be highly dangerous. That means coal miners are at a statistically higher risk of getting hurt or killed on the job than other types of workers. Although they can rely on Workers’ Compensation in the event of a workplace accident,[…] Read More

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Tree Trimming Injuries?

Professional tree trimmers and landscapers regularly help homeowners and property managers improve the curb appeal of their real estate. In doing so, they put themselves in situations that can make them more apt to experience on-the-job accidents, including tree trimming injuries. These injuries may be minor or catastrophic. Either way, seasonal, part-time, and full-time employees of tree trimming and landscaping service companies are protected and supported by Workers’ Compensation benefits. What are the Most Commonly Reported Tree Trimming Injuries? Tree[…] Read More

What Types of Orthopedic Injuries can Workers Sustain?

Workplace injuries happen, including to people whose jobs seem comfortable and safe. Even if you work in an office at a desk all day, you could end up with an orthopedic problem. In fact, orthopedic injuries are the reason for many Workers’ Compensation claims. The term orthopedics corresponds to anything related to your muscles, bones, joints, and related tissues. For example, a twisted ankle would be an orthopedic injury. The same is true of a torn rotator cuff, plantar fasciitis,[…] Read More

How can Common Warehouse Accidents be Prevented?

Warehouses can be prone to accidents because they are usually large areas where heavy stock is constantly being moved about.  Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has many rules in place to ensure warehouse safety, employers can concentrate on a few areas to avoid most accidents. Some of the most common accidents in warehouses include the following: Slip and fall accidents. Employers can be thoughtful about the flooring that is present in the warehouse. Although polished concrete floors[…] Read More

Are Stress and Anxiety Covered under Workers’ Compensation?

Businesses with at least one employee are required to participate in Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation system. Often, when a person thinks of Workers’ Compensation, they may immediately think of a physical injury on the job that caused the employee to be unable to work. Most people know that to collect Workers’ Compensation payments, the worker must be injured while on the job or in the course of work. More complex questions arise when the employee suffers from a mental injury because[…] Read More

What are the Workplace Injuries in a Stadium?

Every workplace carries some degree of hazardous conditions.  Even office work can have its share of hazards on the job, especially if the employer is negligent in some way.  Working a stadium can involve a whole different set of hazards that are normally not incurred by other types of employees. Stadium workers can be subject to workplace hazards such as: Excessive noise Falls attributable to uneven flooring Falls attributable to lack of railings or defective railings Excessive stress as a[…] Read More

What are the Risks of Retail Work?

At first glance, retail work may not seem like a high-risk work environment, yet a closer look can reveal some hazards that are specific to this line of work. Like other workers hurt on the job, retail employees sustaining an injury are eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Some Hazards of Working in Retail Retail workers can encounter a variety of hazards.  Some of the primary hazards at retail jobs include the following risks: Slip and fall accidents. Employees should be[…] Read More

What Should Employees Know about Back Injuries at the Workplace?

A back injury can easily disrupt one’s daily life.  Not only can they be quite painful and at times debilitating, but also back pain can last for a lengthy period if not treated properly.  Furthermore, a back injury can occur during almost any activity, especially at the workplace.  Whether the job has physical requirements, such as lifting a patient or walking a salesfloor, or is not as rigorous such as sitting at a desk, the risk of suffering a back[…] Read More

What is the Link between Night Shift Work and Asthma?

Some medical conditions can worsen in the evening, and asthma can be included in that category.  Although the medical community cannot be completely sure the reasoning behind why asthma may be worse at night, there are some theories that point to neurohormonal changes that occur in the evening that can trigger a person’s asthma.  Hormones such as epinephrine, cortisol, and melatonin are all related to the body’s circadian rhythm.  When there is an imbalance, inflammation of the airways can occur,[…] Read More

Which Work Injuries are Common to Teachers?

With school starting up in a few weeks, it means students, for the most part, will be returning to in-person learning. Teachers will also be returning to the classroom, and although they have no doubt missed being in front of their students, there are a few common injuries for which they should be aware. Although giving out lesson plans and administering tests may not appear to be that risky for teachers, the truth is they are prone to significant work-related[…] Read More