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Can I Collect Workers’ Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition caused by inflammation of the passageway that surrounds the median nerve that provides sensation to the hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compensable injury if you can show your condition is directly related to your workplace. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company may try to deny your claim by saying your injury originated somewhere else, such as a sport you play regularly outside of work. Contact an experienced lawyer right away if your[…] Read More

Can I Collect Workers’ Compensation if I Am at Fault?

When you get injured at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of fault. This means that even if the injury was caused by your own negligence, you still have a chance to receive benefits—unless you deliberately hurt yourself. There are notable differences between fault and intentional injuries, and there are several types of compensation may be available to injured workers depending upon the nature of their injuries. What is Workers’ Compensation? Workers’ compensation is a type[…] Read More

What Are Safety Tips for Rooftop Work?

Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry and according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than a third of all fall deaths are falls from roofs. Roofers also face additional hazards such as electrical lines, power tools, weather conditions, and repetitive motion injuries. To stay safe while working or repairing roofs, workers should keep the following in mind: Eliminate fall hazards: Use a high-quality, sturdy, and reliable ladder. Ladders should be clean, dry,[…] Read More

Is My Chronic Illness Covered by Workers Compensation?

Chronic illnesses like cancer and carpal tunnel syndrome can be job-related, caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, an injury that seemed minor at the time, or even repetitive motion. The symptoms can slowly build up over time, making it difficult or impossible to function. Are chronic conditions like these covered by workers’ compensation? Chronic Conditions and Workers’ Compensation Most Pennsylvania employers are required by law to provide their employees with no-fault workers’ compensation coverage. This means that injured workers can[…] Read More

What Types of Injuries Do Railroad Workers Suffer?

More than 3,200 railroad employees suffered work-related injuries in 2021, and 11 died from their injuries. Railroads are inherently dangerous due to the extreme size and weight of the rail cars and the often-dangerous cargo they convey. A train of fully loaded rail cars is among the heaviest moving objects that anyone might encounter. One mistake is all it takes to cause potentially catastrophic injury or death. Injuries that railroad workers commonly suffer include: Amputations Broken bones Electrical shock or[…] Read More

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for a Herniated Disc?

Back injuries are debilitating. Anyone who has suffered with severe or chronic back pain can describe how painful it can be and how difficult it can be to do even simple tasks. If you suffered a back injury like a herniated disc at work, you might wonder if your employer would have to cover your expenses. The answer can vary based on the situation, but to find out for sure, consider speaking with a lawyer who can help you determine[…] Read More

What Are Injuries Sustained by Roofers?

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone and at any time, regardless of the profession. However, some jobs are naturally more prone to injuries than others, and one such profession is roofing. Whether it is due to the dangerous conditions on a roof or simply the high risk of falling off of one, roofing workers are constantly exposed to a wide range of hazards that can easily lead to an injury. It is crucial for those in this profession to take[…] Read More

Safety Tips for Oil and Gas Workers

The oil and gas industries help to keep this nation running, but the workers face significant risks to their health and well-being. They can be more likely to get injured on the job than employees in other industries, and can face significant injuries that change their lives forever. Here are the main risks and some basic safety tips that can keep oil and gas workers safer. What Risks Do Oil and Gas Workers Face? One of the main hazards that[…] Read More

What Are Common Manufacturing Injuries?

Common manufacturing injuries are workplace injuries that occur in the manufacturing industry frequently, or at least at higher rates than other injuries. If you or a loved one were injured on the job, reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer today. Here are some of the most common injuries manufacturing workers suffer. Cuts and Lacerations Manufacturing workers often suffer cuts and lacerations from knives, machinery, and other sharp objects. Workers in the manufacturing industry often suffer from cuts and[…] Read More

Construction Workers Exposed to Silica

Construction workers face significant work-related hazards that are not common to other occupations, and some can cause life-threatening diseases. One of these is silicosis, a serious lung disease that can develop when people are exposed to crystalline silica found in certain kinds of stone and sand. Silica dust can also increase risks for other systemic diseases, including lung cancer. How Do Construction Workers Develop Silicosis? Concrete and masonry products like rock and sand are two materials used in the construction[…] Read More