Eye Injuries for Welders

Welding is a dangerous occupation with a high risk of serious and fatal injuries. The use of extremely high temperatures to melt metals exposes welders to the risk of burns, respiratory problems, eye injuries, and even death. Eye injuries can be devastating to a worker’s ability to continue earning a living and quality of life. All welders should be aware of the safety hazards inherent to their occupation and the proper safety precautions that should be taken to prevent injury.[…] Read More

Commonplace Work Injuries

According to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured every seven seconds in the U.S. That equals out to a staggering 4,600,000 injuries a year. The cost to employers in 2017 was over 100 million production days and injured workers suffered in the form of pain and lost wages. Almost all work injuries are preventable when employers use best practices and adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The following[…] Read More

My Workers’ Compensation Claim was Denied, Now What?

Workers often assume their claim for workers’ compensation benefits for a job injury or illness is a given. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider wants to pay as little as possible. Any error in your application or any reason to believe your accident did not happen as you describe is cause for a denial. Why Workers’ Compensation Claims are Denied Workers’ compensation claims are denied for a variety of reasons, including: The claim[…] Read More

Workers’ Compensation Timeline

The process for reporting a work-related injury or illness varies by state. Following your state’s workers’ compensation timeline is critical to meeting all required deadlines. If you do not, you could lose out on benefits entirely. The following paragraphs highlight the important milestones in the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation process. Report Your Injury or Work-Related Illness The workers’ compensation timeline begins when you report your injury or work-related illness to your supervisor or employer. It is in your best interest to[…] Read More