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How can Slip and Fall Accidents be Prevented at Work?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), slip and fall accidents account for approximately 15 percent of all accident deaths and about 25 percent of all workplace accidents. Additionally, slip and fall injuries make up more than 17 percent of all disabling work injuries.

Slip and fall accidents at work account for 95 million lost work days every year, which is about 65 percent of all lost work days. If employers can prevent slip and fall accidents, it can reduce employee injuries. Some of the steps that employers can take to reduce slip and fall accidents at work include the following:

Ensure There is Proper Lighting

Poor lighting in warehouses and other workspaces can be the culprit of slip and fall accidents. Employers should keep in mind to keep work areas well-lit and clear of clutter. Light switches should always be accessible and unobstructed. It is important to repair switches and light fixtures if they break or need new bulbs. A survey of the environment should ensure that walkways, ramps, basements, and dock areas all have appropriate lighting.

Create a Culture of Good Practices

Although addressing physical aspects of the environment is important, one of the most important ways to avoid slip and falls is to create a good work environment. If employees feel good about where they work and that they have certain responsibilities to prevent accidents, they have more accountability.

Employers should plan ahead and assign responsibilities for cleaning. Establishing a housekeeping program that all employees know about and follow is key. Employees may need visual reminders to ensure that all practices are followed.

Emphasize the Importance of Proper Shoe Wear

An employer may have a recommendation for certain shoes for the workplace.  Some employers may provide a clothing stipend or may purchase the shoes for the employees. If the shoes require shoelaces, ensuring that shoelaces remain tied is an important workplace practice.

Reduce Slippery Floors

An employer should make a plan to ensure that the parking lot and sidewalks are not slippery. Additionally, when outdoor areas are wet, there should be preparations placed near the entryways to ensure that employees do not track water into the buildings. Other areas that may require special mats to prevent slipping include food preparation areas and shower stalls.

What if I Slip and Fall at Work?

If a worker is hurt as a result of a slip and fall accident, they are likely entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation benefits apply to employees who have work-related injuries or illnesses. For help with a claim, a hurt worker should contact a lawyer after a workplace accident happens.

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