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Seasonal Worker Safety

Downingtown Workers' Compensation lawyers advocate for seasonal worker safety.Seasonal workers often include those working in construction, roofing, agriculture, or other outdoor jobs. These jobs tend to include working in dangerous conditions for long periods of time. Many seasonal employees work around heavy machinery and heights, so having a safety plan is a priority.

What is Seasonal Work?

Seasonal work is a job that is conducted during a predefined time period; typically, one season during the year. An organization tends to hire an individual on a seasonal basis if the job can only be performed during a certain time of the year. For instance, road work is done during the summer due to the comfortable weather and longer days.

Safety Tips for Seasonal Workers

Safety should be a top priority for both the employer and their workers. To promote safety in the workplace, the supervisors should agree upon a safety plan, ensure that all workers receive training, and hold workers accountable. Also, there should be frequent breaks implemented and the workers should be careful while walking around the site.

Proper Training

To keep seasonal workers safe, employers should ensure that all workers have proper training for the job. Jobs that require seasonal workers often involve dangerous tasks. Therefore, training is essential. While it is especially important for new workers, those returning to the job should also get a refresher course. This helps to keep all workers on the same page regarding safety protocol.

Safety Enforcement

Enforcing safety protocols is an important step because it holds all workers accountable. Enforcing safety protocols requires supervisors to keep a close eye on workers, especially when they are dealing with heavy machinery and heights

Take Breaks

Taking frequent rest breaks is essential for seasonal workers, especially for those working during long summer days and during the cold seasons. Working for extended hours can leave a worker feeling burnt out or drowsy. Therefore, it is important that employers set realistic goals for their employees to avoid them working overtime or rushing to get done.

Being Aware of Your Surroundings

Slip and falls tend to occur when the individual slips on a slippery surface or trips over an object, and is one of the most common injuries among workers. In order to avoid these accidents, a worker should have shoes that allow for good traction. This is especially true for those working in slippery areas or on high surfaces, such as a roof. They should also stay cautious while walking to their destination.

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