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Seasonal Holiday Employees and Workers’ Compensation

As the holiday season approaches, businesses nationwide often hire seasonal employees to meet the increased demand for goods and services. While the influx of temporary workers brings great benefits, it also raises essential workers’ compensation considerations. As in other states, seasonal employees are entitled to certain protections under workers’ compensation laws in Pennsylvania. Seasonal employment is common during the holidays, especially in retail, hospitality, and logistics industries. These temporary positions help businesses manage customer activity while ensuring smoother operations. Workers’[…] Read More

How Can Snow Removal Workers Be Kept Safe? 

Living in Pennsylvania means you will have to deal with snow during the winter months. Historical records from the National Weather Service reveal that a few areas in Pennsylvania can expect to receive in excess of 70, 80, or even 100 inches of snow annually. Philadelphians and those living in the surrounding southeastern counties can anticipate around two to three feet in total. Although you will have to take care of any snow removal at your home, you can rely[…] Read More

Can Seasonal Workers Receive Workers’ Compensation for Summertime Injuries?

The summer months are not just a time for increased tourism and recreational activities. They also provide an opportunity for gig workers to secure lucrative seasonal positions. Many teens and adults rely on the money they make from Memorial Day to Labor Day to augment their incomes for the rest of the year. However, summer work often includes physical labor, which can be risky even if employees undergo acceptable levels of onboarding and training. According to figures from the Bureau[…] Read More

Seasonal Worker Safety

Seasonal workers often include those working in construction, roofing, agriculture, or other outdoor jobs. These jobs tend to include working in dangerous conditions for long periods of time. Many seasonal employees work around heavy machinery and heights, so having a safety plan is a priority. What is Seasonal Work? Seasonal work is a job that is conducted during a predefined time period; typically, one season during the year. An organization tends to hire an individual on a seasonal basis if[…] Read More