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Workplace Injuries for Factory Workers

Factory workers injuries

Depending on the work environment, employees may suffer a workplace-related injury. Remarkably, office workers still face the possibility of suffering a work injury; they can suffer injuries from accidents outside their work building or even experience mishaps with office supplies and furniture. Factory workers face  greater risks for injuries due to heavy machines and physical processes. Although different factories can pose different types of risks, common causes for injuries are similar.

Common Injuries

The following examples are common injuries suffered by factory workers:

Being exposed to a hazardous substance is common in this work environment. Workers in manufacturing settings can be exposed to toxins daily, which can contribute to lung disease and cancer.

  • Fire hazards can occur in factories that have flammable materials. This can also contribute to explosions. Fire can cause serious burns and other severe injuries.
  • Transportation accidents happen in many factories that contain small vehicles, like forklifts. Drivers and workers on the floor must be extra cautious around these vehicles. If the vehicle crashes or hits someone, it can cause crushing, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.
  • Repetitive motion injuries are the most common injuries in factory environments. Employees often perform repetitive motions with their hands and arms for hours. This can cause soft tissue to wear down over time that can lead to chronic pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive movements can also cause neck and back injuries.
  • Overexertion injuries can happen when a factory work pushes beyond their physical boundaries. Factory workers often require great physical stamina to stand for long hours and perform continuous lifting. This can challenge muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons in the body that can produce several injures.
  • Slip and Fall accidents happen often in factories. These environments contain various materials that may spill onto the ground, causing slippery walking surfaces. Protocols for spills should be in place to reduce the risk of falls due to unexpected materials and liquids on the floor. Additionally, floors in factories should be constructed to ensure that there is adequate friction; mats can be placed on the ground to reduce fall hazards.


Employers should take extra precautions in the workplace by providing proper equipment for workers, maintaining machines and vehicles, and providing regular breaks for employees. Following safety measures in the workplace is crucial for preventing injuries.

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