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Teachers and Workers’ Compensation

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Like employees working outside of education, teachers usually are covered by workers’ compensation insurance that is purchased by their respective employers. Those employers usually are school districts or private schools, and they are subject to state requirements to purchase workers’ compensation insurance.

Whether you teach for a public school district or a private school, Pennsylvania law says your employer must provide you with workers’ compensation protection. If you suffer any kind of work-related injury or illness while teaching, the insurance protection should pay for your medical costs and related damages.

More likely than not, your teaching contract will pay your salary if you miss work for an extended period. If not, workers’ compensation will pay two-thirds of your average weekly pay whenever you miss more than three days of work.

If you have any costs that either your teaching contract or benefits do not cover, workers’ compensation should when you suffer a work-related injury or illness. If your employer disputes your claim, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer could help to enforce your rights.

Commonly Occurring Injuries and Accidents for Teachers

Teachers could suffer a variety of injuries that might cause them to require medical care and possibly miss work for an extended period. The injury might occur from a peril that many kinds of workers commonly suffer, such as a spilled liquid that causes a slip-and-fall injury.

A teacher might suffer teaching-related injury, such as a science teacher being exposed to sulfuric acid while conducting a scientific experiment in class. Maybe a physical education teacher sprained an ankle while officiating a class activity.

Some teachers even suffer injuries caused by attacks committed by students or other people. Violent activity might occur in your classroom that you never anticipated.

Whatever the cause might be, as long as it is school-related, workers’ compensation should pay for costs arising from any injuries or work-related illnesses that you might suffer.

Work-Related Illness Affects Many Teachers

Teachers are surrounded by children and teens who come from all walks of life. Those students also are exposed to a variety of germs and often go to school while sick.

A sick student could spread germs and cause many people to become ill, including teachers. The potential for teachers and students alike becoming sick is very serious during cold and flu season or when a pandemic occurs. Your teaching contract may also have built-in paid sick days already provided.

While teaching, you might become exposed to a virus that requires you to go into self-quarantine for two weeks or more. When the illness is work-related, workers’ compensation should cover any costs that your health insurance or teaching contract might not pay.

You also might suffer another work-related illness. Maybe you worked in a very old school building and became exposed to asbestos years ago. The onset of mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease or illness should be covered by workers’ compensation.

If your work-related illness is not covered by workers’ compensation, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer could help to enforce your rights and file a strong claim.

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