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Can I Sue My Employer for Not Providing Safety Training?

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Some occupations are more dangerous than others and require safety training. Although employers owe a duty of care to their workers, it is not unusual for them to provide inadequate programs.

No matter the employee’s responsibilities, proper training is essential. It should be an ongoing process, with instructional meetings, monitoring, and continuing education. Some of the most critical areas that should be covered include:

  • Adequate supervision
  • Details about risk information
  • Educating the employee about the job’s demands
  • Information about safety codes
  • Proper record keeping
  • Providing appropriate safety equipment

Companies that neglect these areas could be liable for work accidents, injuries, and illnesses. This can also happen because of negligent hiring.

How Does Lack of Training Cause Workplace Injuries?

Poorly trained employees can create hazardous working environments. They can hurt themselves and others who are working nearby. One wrong move by an undertrained employee can also cause an injury, which can render them unable to work. Traumatic injuries happen suddenly and are serious enough to mandate emergency medical attention. An employee could experience severe burns, electrocution, a brain injury, or a spinal cord injury.

Do Any Laws Apply to Workplace Training?

Yes, state and federal laws support worker health and safety. This means employers are responsible for offering appropriate training, personal protective equipment, and regular breaks.

Workplace injuries are generally handled through workers’ compensation claims that cover medical expenses and lost wages. This is a no-fault system, however. When a claim qualifies, the employer is absolved of responsibility for what happened and cannot be sued, but exceptions exist.

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