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What Are the Dangers of Working in Confined Spaces?  

All jobs have occupational hazards. For instance, working remotely from home could cause back problems over a period of time. If you dissect the specifics of most jobs, you will see a potential hazard somewhere, but some jobs, like those where people work in confined spaces, are more dangerous than others. A ‘confined work space’ is a small space or area in which workers spend a portion or all of their day working, although the definition can be more specific[…] Read More

What are Common Work Injuries Seen in the Landscaping Industry?

Landscapers provide a vital service by keeping our environment lush, green, and beautifully maintained. However, the job is not without dangerous hazards that can lead to work injuries. Landscapers use power tools for cutting grass and shrubs and sometimes must work at heights on ladders to reach the tops of hedges and trees. They work in all types of weather including blistering heat, brutal cold temperatures and wet weather that can make surfaces slick and slippery. The following are some[…] Read More

Lifeguard Safety and Workers Compensation

Lifeguards perform a vital service to protect people of all ages while in or near the water. Public pools and beaches commonly have one or more lifeguards on duty to help with a variety of potential issues with swimmers and sunbathers. Sometimes, the lifeguard is the one who needs help. A variety of potential dangers could cause lifeguards to suffer from a variety of work-related injuries or illnesses. Like other employees in Pennsylvania, lifeguards are subject to workers’ compensation when[…] Read More

How To Avoid Eye Injuries at Work?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that around 2,000 workplace eye injuries happen across the country every day. Some workers are at a higher risk for suffering eye injuries because of their occupations, such as those working around chemicals or in construction. However, any worker can have an eye-related accident, including individuals working in offices. Despite the high number of occupational eye injuries, experts say that around 90 percent can be prevented. Some of the key steps[…] Read More

What Are the Types of Heavy Equipment Accidents?

Workers in manufacturing, mining, agriculture, construction, and other industries depend on machinery to complete certain jobs. While this equipment is necessary for certain tasks, the use of heavy machinery comes with inherent risks to workers. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate that 18,000 injuries and more than 800 fatalities happen every year in this country due to heavy equipment accidents. Learn more about the hazards of working with heavy machinery and[…] Read More

What Are the Safety Hazards on Loading Docks?

Loading docks can be perilous areas of warehouses. There are a lot of moving parts, with trucks pulling in and out to load and unload, forklifts busy nearby, and dozens of workers walking and working through the area. Loading docks can be recipe for disaster when it comes to dock employees getting injured. If people are not paying attention, the risks of suffering a work-related injury increases significantly. The best way to prevent loading dock injuries is to know and[…] Read More

What Are Causes of Crane Accidents?

Every year the construction industry tops the charts of most dangerous industries to work in when it comes to employees getting injured. Tens of thousands of construction workers are seriously injured at work-related accidents every year. Hundreds of construction workers suffer work-related fatalities every year. One of the significant accidents that can happen on a construction site involves crane accidents. Often, large construction sites will employ the use of massive cranes. You can see cranes on top of skyscrapers that[…] Read More

Can Scaffolding Accidents be Prevented?

Construction work is inherently dangerous, but that does not mean cannot prevent accidents – even on dangerous equipment like scaffolding. Scaffolds serve an important purpose on any construction site, but they also present dangers to workers. Whether someone slips and falls off a scaffold or the scaffolding collapses, injuries can be life-threatening. Tips to Stay Safe on Scaffolding Here are some tips to help you stay safe while working on and around scaffolding. Always be aware of your surroundings Always[…] Read More

Common Demolition Injuries

Often, before a new structure can be constructed, another must be torn down. Buildings and other structures can be deconstructed piece by piece, mechanically destroyed with bulldozers and other equipment, or demolished using explosives. All of these demolition methods are inherently dangerous and pose a risk of catastrophic injuries to everyone on site. These injuries can leave workers with long-term or permanent pain and disability. Learn more about the risks of demolition projects and what to do if you are[…] Read More

Types of Truck Driver Injuries

Truck drivers face many health risks beyond vehicle accidents. Occupational demands and tight, sometimes unreasonable deadlines for deliveries put truck drivers at an elevated risk for some serious and ongoing injuries. If you are a truck driver and you have been injured at work, you may be able to collect benefits under your employer’s workers’ compensation policy. However, getting these benefits can be more challenging and complicated than initially meets the eye.         1.  Repetitive Motion Injuries[…] Read More