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What are the Workplace Injuries in a Stadium?

Every workplace carries some degree of hazardous conditions.  Even office work can have its share of hazards on the job, especially if the employer is negligent in some way.  Working a stadium can involve a whole different set of hazards that are normally not incurred by other types of employees. Stadium workers can be subject to workplace hazards such as: Excessive noise Falls attributable to uneven flooring Falls attributable to lack of railings or defective railings Excessive stress as a[…] Read More

Which Industries Experience the Most Fatal Work Injuries?

There are certain industries that are commonly known to involve dangerous work, with aspects that are potentially deadly. Firefighters, police officers, and soldiers put themselves in harm’s way to do their jobs. In many ways, so do workers in construction, transportation, and even retail. Some industries may not be quickly associated with dangerous jobs, but the U.S. Department of Labor keeps track of the industries that report the most fatal injuries. Some results are surprising. How can Fatality Reporting Information[…] Read More

What are the Safety Precautions for Workers During Demolition?

Taking down buildings and structures is dangerous work with defined safety protocols. Demolition can be by manual or mechanical methods, or it can involve explosives or other hazardous methods. Whatever the method, workers’ safety is a fundamental concern. Site safety precautions can eliminate any risk or chance of workplace-related injury. Over the past 100 years, construction demolition meant manual work with hand tools. Then came use of cranes and bulldozers. As the demolished buildings got taller, cranes used wrecking balls[…] Read More

What are Common Injuries for Postal Workers?

Many people may not realize it, but postal workers encounter a variety of dangers during their day-to-day responsibilities. They perform many kinds of duties, including lifting heavy packages, walking and driving in various weather conditions, and encountering animals along their routes. For postal workers, injuries on the job are common. Postal workers who are injured on the job should reach out to an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer for assistance. Some of the most common injuries that postal workers can sustain[…] Read More

Why is Mental Health Key to Workplace Safety?

Employers are recently becoming more aware of mental health conditions. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is shining a light on how mental health issues are impacting people in general and also within the workplace. Employers understand that they may want to address mental health issues regardless of whether an employee’s mental health issues are related to their work or issues happening outside of work.  In the midst of the pandemic, many people are suffering from mental health challenges such as depression[…] Read More

How can I Help a Coworker Who Got Hurt on the Job?

It is always best to avoid workplace accidents and to ensure that staff is trained to avoid accidents.  If the unavoidable workplace accident occurs, it is also important that employees know what steps to take. Workers have a right to be safe on the job. Those injured at work should reach out to a seasoned Workers’ Compensation lawyer for assistance. First Step: Move to Safety First, it is important to move the injured person to safety if they are in[…] Read More

How can Safety Management Practices be Improved for Workplace Safety?

Safety practices support the overall performance of a company. Ensuring safety is at the heart of many industries where employees carry out physical tasks at work. In industries where there is physical labor, safety management is an integral part of the business model. Safety management and leadership are important since safety needs to be a part of all aspects of the business. According to the former president of the American Society of Safety Engineers and manager of the Industrial Safety[…] Read More

Are Older Employees More Likely to be Injured at Work?

Each day, employees can be injured at work. At workplaces where there are many moving parts and heavy equipment, there is a higher likelihood of work injuries. Additionally, the age of the worker may also influence the likelihood of an injury. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has tracked fatal work injuries since 1992 and has provided some insightful data on trends. Also, the National Safety Council (NSC) has studied work injuries from 2011 to 2019. According to the[…] Read More

What Should Workers Know About Third-Degree Burns?

Workers can sustain many different types of injuries at work. In certain types of jobs, employees may be at risk for burn work injuries. In 2017, over 3,300 Pennsylvania workers were burned on the job. Burns do not only happen as a result of an open flame. The different types of burn injuries include: Chemical burns. Radiation burns. Burns from explosions. Electrical burns. Thermal burns from coals or other gases materials. Scalding burns are caused by exposure to hot liquids.[…] Read More

How is Technology Improving Safety for Construction Workers?

Worker safety should always be forefront. Some industries are more prone to accidents because they involve more physical activity than others. In recent years, the construction industry has evolved to utilize more technology to prevent accidents and place more emphasis on the safety of workers. Below are different forms of technology that can improve worker safety. Wearable Technology Employees can now wear sensors on their bodies to detect employee fatigue levels. Some wearables can also alert employees who work with[…] Read More