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What Are Safety Tips for Automotive Tow Workers?

Exton Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Wusinich, Sweeney & Ryan, LLC Help Injured Tow Truck Drivers

Tow truck drivers are crucial to everyday life and keep our roads safe and free from obstructions.  Their jobs are hazardous, especially since they operate in challenging conditions, such as heavy traffic, terrible weather, or tight confines.  Because they are essential to our roadways, everyday drivers and tow truck operators must work together to ensure the safety of one another.

To understand how to practice safe habits while driving near a tow truck or a driver operating their tow truck, it is important to know how tow truck accidents can be caused:

  • Defective equipment: Tow trucks can range from smaller trucks with minimal equipment to massive trucks that tow vehicles twice their size. With the number of mechanical devices on a tow truck, some of its equipment can malfunction, leading to an accident.
  • Improper loading: The average tow truck can weigh upwards of 10,000 pounds, so even if it does not have a huge vehicle in tow, it can still be hard to maneuver so much weight, giving an experienced tow truck driver difficulty. This situation can get even worse when the truck is improperly loaded.
  • Driver negligence: Tow truck drivers must practice extra caution given the size and weight of their vehicles. Driving a tow truck carelessly can lead to a severe accident, injuring the driver and others around.
  • Poor tow truck maintenance: Tow truck drivers and the companies they drive for must ensure their vehicles are always operating correctly and maintained regularly.

The busiest time of the year is right now for tow truck drivers: before and during winter.  Winter conditions pose great dangers to all drivers, especially tow truck drivers, who must work on busy highways, with low temperatures, snow, ice, and other vehicles having trouble navigating the road.  The dangers that a tow truck driver faces daily include:

  • Traffic accidents: Tow truck drivers often work in high-traffic areas, including highways and busy city streets. They risk being involved in accidents, especially when responding to emergencies or recovering vehicles from precarious positions.
  • Weather conditions: Tow truck drivers work in all weather conditions, from scorching heat to cold and heavy rain to snowstorms. These weather extremes can make their job more challenging and increase the risk of accidents.
  • Roadside hazards: The roadside environment can be unpredictable, with hazards such as debris, sharp objects, and unpredictable drivers. Tow truck operators must navigate these obstacles while ensuring their safety.
  • Long hours and fatigue: Tow truck drivers often work irregular hours, leading to fatigue and reduced alertness. Fatigue can impair their judgment and reaction times.
  • Vehicle recovery: Recovering vehicles can be hazardous, especially in difficult terrain or precarious positions. A vehicle is always likely to fall or shift unexpectedly during the towing process.
  • Mechanical failures: Tow trucks are complex vehicles that can experience mechanical failures. These failures can lead to accidents or breakdowns on the road.

Tow truck drivers must prioritize safety by receiving proper training, wearing protective gear, and staying vigilant. Injured tow truck drivers may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Exton Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Wusinich, Sweeney & Ryan, LLC Help Injured Tow Truck Drivers

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