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How can Safety Management Practices be Improved for Workplace Safety?

Safety practices support the overall performance of a company. Ensuring safety is at the heart of many industries where employees carry out physical tasks at work. In industries where there is physical labor, safety management is an integral part of the business model.

Safety management and leadership are important since safety needs to be a part of all aspects of the business. According to the former president of the American Society of Safety Engineers and manager of the Industrial Safety and Hygiene, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., employers should do the following:

  • Plan: Plan for the safety, health, and the work environment in all aspects of the business.
  • Organize: Organize to ensure that safety and health are important factors to all workers.
  • Lead: Lead by example, which means employees in leadership roles wearing the same safety gear and engaging in the same safety practices.
  • Inspect: Employees should expect that leaders and others in the organization will routinely inspect and investigate worksites to ensure that safety protocols are followed. If there are issues, then employees will expect that there will be an investigation.
  • Correct and Coach: This means that leaders in the organization should routinely correct safety issues and continually coach employees.
  • Evaluate: Leaders in the business should continually evaluate and re-evaluate how the safety system in the business is functioning.

Management should also shift its thinking on safety so that it is a core business value. When safety is embedded into the everyday culture of the organization, it will make everyone in the company feel accountable for safety.

Safety Training at the Workplace

At the heart of safety is implementing a good training program. This has to be a program where employees have buy-in and that there is some measure to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program in the end. Employees should understand that the work they are conducting each day is risky and that even a safety training program is not going to be able to completely stop work injuries. An employer should explore the best ways to implement safety training programs through training software and other modules of training. If an accident does happen, an employee may be able to receive workers’ compensation.

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