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Psychological Effects Caused by Work-Related Injuries Must Be Addressed

Psychological effects of work injury

When an employee is injured or suffers from an illness related to certain conditions at work, most often they are eligible to file for a workers’ compensation claim. However, employees must prove that the injury or illness directly stemmed from conditions at work. Many may think that physical injuries are more prevalent than psychological injuries. However, studies indicate that physical injuries often lead to mental health issues that are just as catastrophic.

Workers’ Compensation and Mental Health Side Effects

One thing that workers’ compensation does not always address is the psychological effects that can accompany an unexpected work-related injury. After an injury, the worker experiences all types of emotions. Depending on the severity of the injury, the worker may undergo a period of depression.

A claims adjuster may recommend resources for employees who may be experiencing depression as a result of a workplace injury or illness. It is important that all employees who experienced such an event at work are screened for depression since it is very common for mental health issues to occur.

Studies have shown that psychological effects are very common for employees who have suffered an injury that requires emergency treatment. Additionally, employers have a duty to ensure that employees receive proper mental health treatment after a physical injury or illness since workers who experience depression may not return to pre-injury levels of function. Due to this, employers must ensure that they have good mental health treatment included in their insurance plans. Workers’ compensation claims related to physical injuries may not necessarily cover mental health effects.

Mental Health is a Priority

While it is important to note that workers’ compensation can also cover mental health conditions that are directly related to traumatic events that occur in the workplace, depression related to a physical injury or illness is not necessarily treated.

As previously stated, employers must make certain that mental health is a priority, especially when a worker is injured on the job. Injured workers directly impact production at work. Stigma and social challenges can impact an employee’s interest in getting help with depression or other mental health conditions that were triggered by the injury. Cultural differences can also influence whether an employee seeks assistance.

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