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How Much Money Should I Receive in Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Determining how much money an injured worker should receive in benefits depends on many factors. Not only will a person’s earnings determine how much money they should earn, but if the person has two jobs, this will influence how much they will earn as well. Workers’ compensation earnings will also depend on an employee’s medical situation. For example, temporary total disability payments will be different from partial disability benefits.

Determining Factors for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When an employee is hurt on the job and is eligible for workers’ compensation, lost wages will typically be paid out starting about three to four weeks after the injury. The two aspects that will be considered is the employee’s average weekly wage (AWW) and the level of temporary impairment, which is determined by a physician. The AWW is determined by looking at how much the worker earned in the 52 weeks prior to the injury or illness.

What is the Formula for Determining the Dollar Amount?

Typically, injured workers are totally disabled for a temporary amount of time. If the worker is temporarily and totally disabled, the weekly benefit will be two-thirds of the AWW. If the injury is not covered by temporary total disability benefits, then the medical professional will assign a percentage to the employee’s impairment. The employee’s benefits will be reduced by the percentage of impairment.

Additionally, if the employee is permanently impaired and a doctor determined that the employee was 30 percent disabled in the hand, then there would be a payout at 30 percent of the value of the permanent total hand injury. For example, if the state values a total permanent injury to the hand to be $100,000, then 30 percent of that would be $30,000. This is normally paid out as a weekly benefit. If the injury is permanent and total, then it could be issued as a lump-sum payment.

Workers’ compensation typically covers medical bills associated with the injury or illness as well. The medical professionals will bill workers’ compensation directly, so this benefit will not typically be paid to the employee.

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