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How is First Aid Being Delivered to Injured Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

First aid has become much more complicated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The quick spread of the novel coronavirus has caused concern for people who work in dangerous jobs, the attendants who care for their injuries, and businesses that must continue operating.

How Serious is the Injury?

The severity of the injury determines the initial response. For example, a worker who is slightly ill or not injured badly may be asked to assess the situation on their own. This makes sense because you can easily relay that you have a cut on your arm, or you have banged your head on something on a high shelf. There is no need to get other people involved, and you can simply go to the doctor after work if needed.

If your work injuries are more serious than a simple cut, attendants may come to check on you with minimal contact. If the injury is severe, however, attendants will use personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure that they are safe and do not transmit diseases to you. If these steps are not taken, you could contract COVID-19 or possibly pass it on to someone else at any time.

Were Caregivers Properly Protected?

There are cases where caregivers were not protected when they provided care to injured workers. There is a risk that an injured worker could contract COVID-19 or potentially pass the illness on to a caregiver. Businesses and emergency workers should do as much as possible to prevent this situation.

If your employer does not believe they can provide proper first aid, they should contact local emergency services or call 911.

Did the Business Provide the Appropriate Equipment?

If your company has taken extra care to offer you hand sanitizing gels or washes, allowed you to socially distance, and ensured that you have PPE when needed, you can work safely. Some companies, however, may cut corners by avoiding stated guidelines that come from the CDC and other governmental organizations.

What Else Should Your Employer do to Help You?

The CDC recommends that businesses change their workflow to avoid incidental contact among employees. Additionally, businesses are asked to complete health checks at least once a day. Companies may go so far as conducting temperature screenings for employees multiple times per day, keeping a log, and carefully monitoring any obvious symptoms of illness. Employees that show symptoms or have a temperature should be sent home.

These small steps prevent disease transmission at work as well as help employees do their jobs safely. Think about how much more danger you are in if you are sick and still trying to do your job. If you become injured or ill while at work, it is beneficial to speak to an experienced lawyer to determine if you are eligible for workers’ compensation.

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