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Is Distracted Driving a Factor in Work-Related Vehicle Accidents?

distracted driving

Distracted driving leads to more on-the-job accidents than driving under the influence or speeding. An important contributing factor is the use of mobile devices while traveling. Although companies forbid it, workers or salespeople tend to engage in client calls or conferences while driving. This type of distracted driving is a main cause of accidents. Despite that, the use of technology will encourage workers to utilize their phones while driving if it means they can get more work done. Distracted driving is the leading cause of most car accidents, and many if those accidents end in death. Employers understand that when on the road, their employees may get notifications on their phone, need to view directions, or can speed to get somewhere on time, but there are safer ways to address these issues.

What Are Some Distractions that Drivers Face?

The top distraction is texting or talking on the phone while driving. As technology advances, it becomes much easier to utilize mobile devices while driving, but this can also lead to serious accidents. Other distractions are deterring one’s eyes from the road to look at directions. One of the biggest concerns is heavy traffic when workers drive in the performance of their duties. If there is an accident, that leads to the company facing property damage and workplace disruption. Following that, as a result, employers must account for liability, health care, and wage replacement. There are other common distractions everyone faces, including other cars on the road, the radio, passengers, and the weather, but when it comes time to take to the road in a work-related vehicle, all drivers know that those minor distractions should and can be avoided.

How Can Drivers Reduce the Risk of Distracted Driving Accidents?

It is helpful when employers take steps to ensure the safety of their employees. For example, some companies have offered resources such as safe driving programs. By providing this information, employees can ask questions and prepare for driving safely. Another safety precaution companies use is motor vehicle monitoring. This is meant to monitor any changing or inappropriate driving behaviors. Some employers have asked that their employees pull over to a safe area to make a phone call or respond to a work-related text that is time sensitive. When it comes to obtaining directions, most company vehicles will provide a GPS system that uses voice commands so that drivers are not distracted.

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