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What to Do If My Workers’ Comp Claim is Denied?

Suffering an injury at work is a difficult experience; fortunately, many injuries are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. That means a worker must file a claim with their employer for their work-related injury, and they would receive wage assistance and medical care. But what do you do if your employer denies the claim? Should you have a workers’ compensation claim denied, the next step is to figure out why it was denied. More than likely, you would have received a[…] Read More

My Workers’ Compensation Claim was Denied, Now What?

Workers often assume their claim for workers’ compensation benefits for a job injury or illness is a given. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider wants to pay as little as possible. Any error in your application or any reason to believe your accident did not happen as you describe is cause for a denial. Why Workers’ Compensation Claims are Denied Workers’ compensation claims are denied for a variety of reasons, including: The claim[…] Read More