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How Can Snow Removal Workers Be Kept Safe? 

Living in Pennsylvania means you will have to deal with snow during the winter months. Historical records from the National Weather Service reveal that a few areas in Pennsylvania can expect to receive in excess of 70, 80, or even 100 inches of snow annually. Philadelphians and those living in the surrounding southeastern counties can anticipate around two to three feet in total. Although you will have to take care of any snow removal at your home, you can rely[…] Read More

What Are Some Winter Safety Tips for Delivery Drivers?

It is not easy being a delivery driver. Not only must you carry and pick up packages consistently, but also you must have the focus to drive for hours on end.  The winter season can make driving difficult for anyone; for delivery drivers, with their increased loads and larger vehicles, it can be especially challenging. If you are a delivery or a truck driver, it is important for you to know the necessary adjustments needed to drive safely during the[…] Read More

What Are the Most Common Work Accidents?

Every occupational accident is unique in some way. Nevertheless, some types of work-related accidents happen more frequently than others. This discussion explores some of the more common workplace accidents and how to avoid them. Slip and Fall Accidents Most people have lost their footing on a slippery or uneven surface. Most of the time, we can recover without injury. However, slipping happens quite a bit on job sites where the ground is slick or otherwise difficult to navigate. These places[…] Read More

What are the Risks of Retail Work?

At first glance, retail work may not seem like a high-risk work environment, yet a closer look can reveal some hazards that are specific to this line of work. Like other workers hurt on the job, retail employees sustaining an injury are eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Some Hazards of Working in Retail Retail workers can encounter a variety of hazards.  Some of the primary hazards at retail jobs include the following risks: Slip and fall accidents. Employees should be[…] Read More

What is the Link between Night Shift Work and Asthma?

Some medical conditions can worsen in the evening, and asthma can be included in that category.  Although the medical community cannot be completely sure the reasoning behind why asthma may be worse at night, there are some theories that point to neurohormonal changes that occur in the evening that can trigger a person’s asthma.  Hormones such as epinephrine, cortisol, and melatonin are all related to the body’s circadian rhythm.  When there is an imbalance, inflammation of the airways can occur,[…] Read More

How can Workers Use a Forklift Safely?

Forklift safety is an important concern in warehouses and other settings where forklifts are commonplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that accidents while using forklifts cause almost 35,000 serious injuries in the workplace and nearly 90 fatalities each year in the United States. OSHA also estimates that nearly a quarter of these accidents were as a result of inadequate training. Employers can approach forklift safety from a multi-faceted approach by educating the employees and also making upgrades[…] Read More

What Happens if I Crash the Company Car? 

Being in a car accident with the company car involves sorting out issues that do not arise after other car accidents. Figuring out which insurance policy or program covers what losses and how to process claims can be confusing.  The outcome will be based on the circumstances under which the accident happened, what caused the accident, and how the state where the accident took place regulates car insurance claims. When Did the Accident Happen? Companies allow their employees to use[…] Read More

What Should Workers Know About Job Site Holes?

On job sites, there are many hazards. Many of these hazards can be dealt with, but accidents do occur. One of the biggest hazards on job sites are holes, which can lead to many injuries from falls. When workers have fallen and sustain various injuries because of onsite working conditions, an experienced lawyer can work with victims to aid them in getting Workers’ Compensation. The lawyer can ensure victims know their rights, have the representation they need, and work to[…] Read More

What are Common Injuries for Postal Workers?

Many people may not realize it, but postal workers encounter a variety of dangers during their day-to-day responsibilities. They perform many kinds of duties, including lifting heavy packages, walking and driving in various weather conditions, and encountering animals along their routes. For postal workers, injuries on the job are common. Postal workers who are injured on the job should reach out to an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer for assistance. Some of the most common injuries that postal workers can sustain[…] Read More

How can Slip and Fall Accidents be Prevented at Work?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), slip and fall accidents account for approximately 15 percent of all accident deaths and about 25 percent of all workplace accidents. Additionally, slip and fall injuries make up more than 17 percent of all disabling work injuries. Slip and fall accidents at work account for 95 million lost work days every year, which is about 65 percent of all lost work days. If employers can prevent slip and fall accidents, it[…] Read More