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What Is Malingering?

The word “malingering” is highly contested in legal and medical contexts. It refers to the deliberate faking or exaggeration of symptoms or impairments for secondary gains. We often encounter it in our cases, raising questions about the legitimacy of injuries and claimants’ credibility. Below, we explain malingering and how it can affect workers’ compensation. Malingering can manifest in various forms, including exaggerated claims or physical pain, cognitive impairments, or psychological distress. Unlike genuine medical conditions arising from organic causes, malingering[…] Read More

What Is Shift Work Disorder?

Shift disorder, also known as shift work disorder (SWD), is a condition that affects individuals who work nontraditional hours like 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. It is commonly seen in professions like healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and hospitality. This disorder disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythm, leading to physical and mental health issues and workplace accidents. What Are the Symptoms of SWD? Symptoms of shift disorder vary from person to person but generally revolve around disruptions in sleep patterns and difficulties[…] Read More

Is Post-Concussion Syndrome Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

Workplace accidents happen regularly throughout Pennsylvania. Some end with workers experiencing head-related injuries. Yet, what some employees underestimate is that even injuries that seem minor and may not appear to be serious can cause long-term problems. Among those problems is a condition known as post-concussion syndrome. Because post-concussion syndrome does not present itself immediately, it can pose issues in terms of receiving workers’ compensation benefits to cover the medical fees and lost wages associated with treatment. This is why it[…] Read More

How Can I Prove My Heart Attack Was Caused by My Job?

Every state has workers’ compensation benefits that cover the medical bills and a portion of lost wages of injured workers. Sometimes, the injury is obvious and is caused by your work; a slip leads to a sprained ankle, or a fall from a ladder causes a broken bone. What about other injuries that could happen on the job, like a heart attack? Injuries covered by workers’ compensation insurance must show that they arose out of and in the course of[…] Read More

Is My Chronic Illness Covered by Workers Compensation?

Chronic illnesses like cancer and carpal tunnel syndrome can be job-related, caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, an injury that seemed minor at the time, or even repetitive motion. The symptoms can slowly build up over time, making it difficult or impossible to function. Are chronic conditions like these covered by workers’ compensation? Chronic Conditions and Workers’ Compensation Most Pennsylvania employers are required by law to provide their employees with no-fault workers’ compensation coverage. This means that injured workers can[…] Read More

Construction Workers Exposed to Silica

Construction workers face significant work-related hazards that are not common to other occupations, and some can cause life-threatening diseases. One of these is silicosis, a serious lung disease that can develop when people are exposed to crystalline silica found in certain kinds of stone and sand. Silica dust can also increase risks for other systemic diseases, including lung cancer. How Do Construction Workers Develop Silicosis? Concrete and masonry products like rock and sand are two materials used in the construction[…] Read More

Mental Illness in the Workplace

One of the most common issues in the workplace, yet the least talked about, are employees struggling with mental illness. Ignoring mental illness has been detrimental to businesses across the country. If mental health is addressed in the workplace as well as other conditions and illnesses including employee morale could increase. There is a stigma of mental illness at work that has plagued workplaces for decades. With the American workforce increasing its productivity by over 430 percent per worker since[…] Read More

Why COPD Awareness Month is Important for Workers

November is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Awareness Month, and many people are not aware of the grave impact COPD has on American society. It is the third leading cause of death in the United States. COPD is a serious lung disease that causes obstruction in airflow to and from the lungs. COPD is often misunderstood because many people believe that is only associated with smoking, but this is not the case. Who is Vulnerable to COPD? COPD can also[…] Read More

Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation for COVID-19?

This is a complex issue with opposing views. Workers can suffer different types of injuries or contract occupational diseases, but there is no precedent for the novel coronavirus, which is known as COVID-19. What is COVID-19? COVID-19 is a coronavirus that has been categorized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, and it has shut down businesses, led to stay at home orders from local governments, and killed tens of thousands of people. Since COVID-19 is unique, there is[…] Read More

Worker Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our nation is currently dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the devastation it has caused to many people across the nation. Workers on the front lines are constantly putting themselves at risk of catching the virus. Worker safety is of extreme importance during this time and employers need to ensure that they are enforcing proper hygiene and cleanliness to keep their workers safe. The following is a list of how to maintain a safe and healthy work environment during[…] Read More