Work Injuries

Your West Chester Work Injury Lawyer

Accidents can happen anywhere, and West Chester homes and businesses are no exception. But when the accident happens in a workplace and the injury interferes with your ability to work, the situation then become a critically important legal matter.

The knowledgeable West Chester workplace injury lawyers at Wusinich & Brogan can help you sort through the complex maze of worker compensation programs and requirements, and you may be able to avoid financial ruin because of these programs. But just what, exactly, can a lawyer do for the injured worker?

The workplace injury lawyers at Wusinich & Brogan understand the complexity of laws and compensation programs in all their nuances. We can answer important questions you may have. What if the worker is a New Jersey resident but was injured while working in West Chester? What if your work injury caused a long-term disability and you are without income while you litigate your claim.   If you collect compensation benefits from one program, does that preclude collecting from another?

How can West Chester workplace injury lawyers help?

These are some of the key benefits of working with qualified, experienced West Chester workers’ compensation attorneys:

  • Prevent mistakes – If you are injured but fail to report your injury for more than 120 days, you could lose your claim to benefits. Or if you fail to follow through on physical therapy, that too could compromise your position in making a claim. An experienced work injury lawyer in West Chester can ensure all required parts of the claims process are followed to the letter.
  • Provide a qualified offense – Because worker compensation funds and insurance companies are on their guard against fraud, they employ their own teams of attorneys to root out and resist false claims. Private, for-profit insurers also strive to reduce legitimate claims by various means, always trying to entice the injured party to accept a smaller settlement sooner, which reduces the insurance company’s litigation defense costs as well as their overall payout.

Experienced lawyers, focused on workers’ compensation law

Wusinich & Brogan Law Firm has handled litigation in more than 20 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties and has argued a number of cases in federal courts as well. Organized into eight areas of practice, Wusinich & Brogan is large enough to handle complex cases, yet small enough to give dignified personal attention to every client.

As a regional litigation firm headquartered in Downingtown—with offices in West Chester and Reading—we serve clients across Pennsylvania. The firm is particularly devoted to handling the affairs of injured workers. For more information, please contact us online or call 610-594-1600, 484-873-4099.