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How is Technology Improving Safety for Construction Workers?

Worker safety should always be forefront. Some industries are more prone to accidents because they involve more physical activity than others. In recent years, the construction industry has evolved to utilize more technology to prevent accidents and place more emphasis on the safety of workers. Below are different forms of technology that can improve worker safety.

Wearable Technology

Employees can now wear sensors on their bodies to detect employee fatigue levels. Some wearables can also alert employees who work with vibrating machinery when vibration levels become too high for them.

Advanced Personal Protective Equipment

There are new ways that employers can utilize advanced equipment to detect air quality, radiation, and ambient air temperature in hazardous work areas. Smart visors and goggles can also transmit information about the employees’ environments, which would alert them about dangerous conditions.


Drones can now be used under the rules established by the Federal Aviation Administration. On a construction site, drones can track progress with pictures and videos taken from above. Drones can also survey the worksite and employee performance, including whether safety precautions are being implemented. Drones can also detect hazards, which may be missed by employees on the ground.

Exoskeletons and Robotics

Exoskeletons are essentially robots that can do heavy lifting instead of humans. They can also lay brickwork and other masonry faster than humans. Robotics are estimated to save about 31 million lost work days that occur due to accidents and work injuries each year in the United States.

Tracking with Databases

With this new technology, employers can track the data collected either by wearable sensors, drones, and even robots. This data can be used to provide predictive analytics, which can predict accidents and highlight the greatest hazards in the industry so that employers and researchers can continue to develop better technology. Online databases can keep better track of this information than humans, and it can crunch the data in different ways quickly as more technology and knowledge becomes available.

Why Should the Construction Industry Upgrade Safety Equipment?

The construction industry can continue to improve. Employers may balk at the upfront costs associated with new technology, but it could end up saving them money related to work accidents and turnover rates.

If one is injured at work, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation. For help with benefits, a worker should speak to a lawyer about their options.

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