Our Roots

Our Roots


The Firm History of Wusinich & Brogan

Wusinich & Brogan is composed of like-minded individuals dedicated to providing injured persons with vigorous advocacy and sound legal advice. The firm started with a particular devotion to work injury cases, but soon expanded into a civil litigation firm targeted at injured individuals.

The firm was started based on two observations of its founding partners, Joseph F. Wusinich, Ill, a Vietnam war veteran, and Dennis D. Brogan. Their first observation was that the practice of law was becoming mass produced and less personalized. Raised in an era where law was considered a profession, they wished to preserve at all costs the ethics and integrity of the “Country Lawyers” who mentored them when they first practiced in Chester County.  Their second observation was that work injury cases are a building block for all the skills a true trial attorney needs, and allow an attorney to use trial skills in an
era where trials are increasingly more rare in civil court.


Mr. Wusinich has noticed that many of the “Country Lawyers” who guided him served in World War II and the Korean War Drawing on his military experience, Mr. Wusinich has sought to recruit like-minded men and women to staff the firm. He believes that clients are seeking the same sort of caring attitude from their attorneys as promoted in military service, values such as duty, loyalty, integrity, competence, teamwork, and perseverance.

The firm was founded in 1978 and soon successfully established itself as the
largest Claimants’ workers’ compensation firm in Chester County and some surrounding areas. The skills necessary to present a case in the workers’ compensation system were easily transferable to civil litigation. As it grew, the firm staked out other areas of expertise including medical malpractice, automobile injury cases, personal injury cases, social security disability cases, and employment and unemployment law cases.

It continued to add attorneys and legal staff until it outgrew its original office, depicted here, in the County seat of West Chester and moved to our offices in Downingtown (see videos on upper left hand in Media section).  A key addition includes a doctor-lawyer on staff which helps the firm with numerous medical issues presented in a significant amount of its cases. Organized into eight areas, the firm is large enough to handle complex cases, yet small enough to give dignified personal attention to every client

Today, Wusinich & Brogan is a regional litigation firm headquartered in Downingtown with regional offices in West Chester and Reading that has served clients across Pennsylvania The firm has a particular devotion to handling the affairs of injured workers. For three decades, the firm has also been a litigation firm providing complex trial representation for hundreds of clients, particularly in the areas of medical malpractice, automobile, and construction injury cases.