The Wusinich & Brogan Difference

Work Injuries

The Wusinich & Brogan difference

Our firm was founded to address the needs of injured workers. We have learned over thirty years of firm practice that quality workers’ compensation representation involves a lot of factors. We provide a unique recipe for quality representation for the clients we serve. Our representation uses all the modern tools of our trade, such as computerized research. At the same time, our reputation has been built one client at a time.

We have litigated and/or settled thousands of workers’ compensation cases in our over thirty-year history. We are gratified by the fact that many of our clients refer a family member or friend. Here are some of the factors which we believe set us apart:

  • Care and attention. We believe that a commitment to our clients’ needs is crucially important to get them the best possible results. We spend the time to get to know our clients and to service their needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Team attitude. Our attorneys are experienced compensation attorneys who have a unique synergy and cooperate in the handling of cases to better serve you, the client. We pride ourselves on the level of interaction with each other concerning the cases of our clients. We feel your interests are best protected by the input of several lawyers who handle on a daily basis work injury cases. Our doctor-lawyer helps us learn the medicine applicable to your case.
  • Professional development. We believe that service to our profession is important to our own development and our reputation as a firm and as attorneys. One attorney is co-author of the prestigious Bisel Workers’ Compensation newsletter. Another attorney has been Chair of the Chester County Workers’ Compensation Section. Another has written on work injury issues. We all have engaged in professional educational development and provide leadership in teaching other members of the compensation bar. Our experience allows us to properly evaluate how much your case is worth and provide you with sound legal counsel as to how to proceed in your case.
  • Regional focus. We focus our practice in Chester, Berks, Delaware, Montgomery, and Lancaster Counties. This allows us to better serve our clients. We are known among the judges and defense attorneys who practice in this region. While we have litigated work injury cases in many Pennsylvania regions, we focus our efforts to serve clients in our region to better serve them.
  • Fair Treatment. We try to treat clients fairly in terms of fees and costs. Because our experience is that most injured workers cannot afford to litigate their case, we advance litigation costs in the vast majority of our work injury cases. We also work on a no recovery-no fee basis.
  • Large suburban practice. It is unusual to have several claimants’ attorneys in a suburban firm in our region who do workers’ compensation representation. The WB&S team provides unique advantages to those injured at work. We have five accomplished attorneys who handle workers’ compensation cases. We are among the biggest firms of our other suburban competitors in our region of service.
  • Vigorous, long-term view. Our background gives us a unique perspective on what it means to successfully represent a client. We like to engage in representation shortly after the work injury to better protect our clients’ rights. We fight vigorously for our clients, including for medical bill payment and for cases subject to Utilization Review. We know the law in this area, and have taken legal issues, where merited, for our clients all the way up to the Pennsylvania Supreme and Commonwealth Courts.

We ask you to consider interviewing our attorneys to see if we can help you with your work injury issue. We hope we are able to impress upon you that our goal is to serve your needs.

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