Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation

Injuries at construction sites are among the most common types of personal injuries. Working with heavy equipment, below ground and high above it, can leave workers exposed to a variety of serious injuries. Exposure to chemicals at a construction site also can be very hazardous.

Our firm has extensive experience litigating and negotiating on behalf of injured construction workers. We are very familiar with OSHA regulations and how to hold employers responsible when they fail to meet them. We also litigate claims involving defective equipment and defectively designed structures and roads that contribute to workers’ injuries.

By combining our abilities as personal injury lawyers with our superior knowledge of construction and workers’ compensation law, our firm is able to provide excellent representation to injured construction workers.

In addition to representing injured workers in personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, the firm represents contractors, subcontractors and other entities in contract disputes, employment issues and claims collection.

The firm also has significant experience handling construction defect claims ranging from water damage caused by leaking roofs, foundations and windows, to building settlement, electrical problems, plumbing defects and heating and air conditioning defects. The firm represents homeowners and property owners, as well as developers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, installers, electricians and plumbers.

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