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How can PPE Protect Workers from Falling Objects?


The safety and protection of all workers are always top priority, especially when heights are involved. Many companies utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) on a regular basis such as body harnesses, self-retracting lines (SRLs), and lanyards that aid with fall protection to prevent injury. An issue that has raised concerns on job sites is falling objects. In order to keep everyone safe, this hazard has become its own separate issue that requires its own safety procedures. Regardless of taking extra precaution, accidents do happen, but Workers’ Compensation and support are available for those victims. An experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer will work hard to ensure that workers who have been injured from falling objects on a job site receive the fullest extent of rewards available.

What are Ways to Avoid Accidents or Falling Objects on a Job Site?

A great hazard on job sites is falling objects. In some instances, workers have been seriously injured or died when struck by a falling object while on a job site. After some research, there have been developments in PPE that will promote a safer environment. These new PPE have become common tools that are inexpensive but also protect workers from most of the sources of falling object-related injuries.

Some PPE are tool lanyards, eye and hearing protection, footwear, respirators, and safety helmets. When working with height, a great deal of caution must take place because the safety of the workers always comes first. A tool lanyard allows the workers to tie their hand tools to their belt. This prevents workers from dropping objects and injuring those below them.

Eye protection such as safety goggles is the most common form of PPE that is encouraged to be worn on all types of job sites. Hearing protection is required when workers are exposed to noise levels over a certain level that could lead to hearing loss. Some forms of PPE related to hearing are foam earplugs or earmuffs. Some job sites encourage noise canceling headphones as well to drown out the loud damaging noises that can cause long-term health defects.

Workers can face foot or leg injuries from falling objects or accidents related to job site equipment. A form of protective footwear prevents injury from heat substances or poisonous materials. Various types of boots will warrant protection of the feet and legs when exposed to job sites and their hazards.

Respirators are extremely important when dealing with the risk of hazards. Air respirators comes in a variety of types, and most generally are used for air-purifying protection. A medical evaluation is required prior to using a respirator to validate that the worker is fit for one and their mask fits correctly.

Safety helmets are intended to protect and reduce the impact of a blow to the head. Different types of helmets serve various purposes, all with the intention of creating a padding type protection for workers who may be working with heights, working below ground, or subject to falling objects.

What are the ABCs of PPE Fall Protection?

The ABCs consist of anchorages, body harnesses, and connecting components. The anchorages create a secure connection of devices to support a structure of a great weight. A body harness will attach to a person to a fall protection chain. Connecting components will attach a body harness to anchorages points.

What are Other Common Examples of PPE?

Other examples of PPE are gloves, lab coats, vests, jackets, full-body suits, and coveralls. These PPE may not seem as important as other forms of PPE, but they ensure the safety of many workers. A job site is at risk for a great deal of hazards, and being aware and on alert while being extra cautious just may prevent an injury or save a life.

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