Our Fee Arrangements

Working With You, For You

Our Fee Arrangements

“We seek justice and right wrongs here at W + B. No person with a good case should be denied his day in court because of hardship. As one of five children growing up in a row house in Delaware County, I know how difficult it is for the average citizen to afford to fight legal battles.”

Joseph F. Wusinich, III
Founder and Managing Partner
Wusinich & Brogan

People ask, “how can I afford to fight a big hospital, an insurance company, or even my employer?” At W + B, we know that most people who come to us are in need. They can pay nothing, or very little, until a case is ended successfully.

We are proud at W + B to offer the ” 1, 2, 3 fair fee plan” that allows us to pursue your legal claim with no up front fees or cost to you until case is ended successfully. We offer: (1) a Free Initial Consultation; (2) a No-recovery-No fee agreement; and (3) advancing of all costs of litigation.

Fees and costs must be designed to fit the particular legal problem, the merits of the case, and your damages. We encourage clients to discuss fees openly. All fees will be confirmed in writing for the benefit of the client.

We reserve the right not to take any case for any reason. We may propose a different fee agreement, depending on the circumstances presented such as the merit of your case and the damages involved.

The W + B 1, 2, 3 Fair Fee Plan

For Most Civil Litigation Cases

Step 1 Free Initial Consultation

Step 2 No recovery-no fee

Step 3 The WB&S advance costs plan


Free Initial Consultation

At W + B, we provide a free initial consultation in all of our civil litigation matters.

A client should have confidence in their lawyer. We feel it is crucial that our clients get to know about us, our experience level, and our qualifications in order for the clients to have the utmost confidence that we can handle their case with the care it deserves. We freely discuss what we think of the merits of your case before we enter into any agreement.

A free initial consultation affords you the ability to get to know us and for us to evaluate for you the merits of your case. We will explain how our experience, qualifications, and background may fit your particular legal problem. It will also provide us the ability to determine whether your case fits into the vast majority of cases where we can provide you with services on a no recovery-no fee basis and whether we can advance legal costs in your case. Before we begin work, your need for legal services must be clarified and outlined, and an agreement prepared, reviewed, and signed.


No Recovery-No Fee

A large portion of the law firm’s practice is devoted to the prosecution of civil litigation matters which are typically pursued on a no recovery-no fee basis, also known as a “contingency fee” or “percentage” basis. Under a no recovery-no fee agreement, our firm is paid once we achieve a favorable outcome for our clients. Here is a partial list of cases which we typically pursue on a no recovery-no fee basis:

  • Birth injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Automobile and tractor-trailer accidents
  • Medical negligence Cases
  • Work injury cases
  • Disability coverage and ERISA issues
  • Employment discrimination and FMLA cases
  • Social Security cases
  • Defective road and bridge design
  • Train and railroad accidents
  • Plane crashes
  • Helicopter crashes
  • Construction accidents
  • Motorcycle, boat or bike accidents
  • Three-wheeler, four-wheeler and ATV accidents
  • Injuries from defective products, equipment and drugs
  • Recreational accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Fires or explosions
  • Drowning
  • Electrocution
  • Falls
  • Chemical exposure
  • Well and drinking water contamination
  • Environmental including oil and gasoline spills and leaks

Ask us whether your case is one we can take on a no recovery-no fee basis. We are typically owed no attorneys’ fees in the unfortunate event that there is not a successful result.

Our fees are fair and reasonable. We charge as required by the ethical standards governing the practice of law. Ask us if your case fits into the vast majority of whether we will pursue it on a no recovery-no fee basis.


The W + B “advance costs” plan

Almost all cases require costs to pursue the case successfully. We may need to hire investigators, consultants, expert medical witnesses and engineers. We understand that these costs are generally beyond the ability of most clients to pay until a final resolution is reached in their case. We have put into place the W + B “advance costs” plan. In most cases, we will advance costs necessary to pursue the litigation.

Where the firm advances costs needed to pursue the case to a successful conclusion, we will receive reimbursement at the time of settlement or successful conclusion.


The W + B consultation policy. At W + B, we take pride in giving sound legal counsel. We are not only litigators, but we give legal advice in matters that do not involve litigation.

Consultation services are handled on an hourly fee basis. Our free initial consultation policy is limited to cases involving our litigation services.

Our firm does a large amount of consultation services, particularly for those who have employment-related questions. These services include advice on how to handle workplace issues, reviewing separation agreements and packages, advice on whether covenants not to compete and restrictive covenants in the employment context are enforceable, and how to take advantage of workplace rights such as the right to FMLA or to receive a reasonable accommodation for a disability in the workplace.

Attorneys’ fees awardable by a Civil Court. Attorneys’ fees in the vast majority of cases are not awardable by a Civil Court, and even in the small number of cases where they are awardable, cannot be received unless there is a successful result at trial. We have special fee agreements that cover these contingencies.

Unemployment, Civil Service, and other administrative hearing matters. Representation at a Referee’s hearing in unemployment cases, before the Civil Service Commission, or before other administrative bodies is done on an hourly-fee basis. The fee depends on the location of the hearing and the complexity of the issues involved.

Wills and Estates. Representation is done on an hourly-fee basis.

Criminal cases. Representation in criminal cases is done on either a flat-fee basis or an hourly-fee basis with provision of a retainer.

Appellate Representation. Appellate Court representation is done on an hourly-fee basis. The client is responsible for all applicable costs.

Commercial and Business Litigation. Hourly or percentage representation or a combination of both.