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Can Analytics Reduce Workplace Injuries and Deaths?

Predictive data can be used in order to reduce the likelihood of accidents and work injuries. Predictive analytics is a combination of machine learning, statistical algorithms, and data mining and determines the likelihood of accidents. With four years of data, workplace injuries can be predicted with accuracy rates as high as 97 percent. Some companies reported reducing their injury rates by almost 70 percent within 18 months using predictive analytics. Some companies have also used the data to reduce their lost workday rates. One large electrical contractor reduced workers’ compensation claims by nearly 60 percent for two years.

How is Predictive Analytics Implemented at Work?

Predictive analytics is being implemented in many different industries. For example, an entertainment platform can predict a person’s interests. This enables them to target advertisements for certain shows and movies to an audience, which is based on the algorithms and other information associated with the selected shows.

The collected information can create predictive models of which workers on a worksite are most likely to experience an accident. This information can also predict how much money the injuries could cost the employer. Some information gathered by predictive analytics includes:

  • Injured worker demographics
  • Design elements
  • Levels of worker experience
  • Machines in use
  • Tools in use
  • Fleet accidents with details
  • Severity details
  • Recordable incident rate
  • Workers’ compensation details
  • Safety training and certification compliance

In the future, it is the hope that additional data can also be included in these data sets, such as information gathered from fatigue monitors, peer data, and human capital management systems. With currently-available information, some worksites can implement safety procedures based on real-time data since sensors can be set up on the worksite to track data in real-time.

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