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Why is Amazon Prime Day Dangerous to Warehouse Workers?

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Consumers look forward to Amazon Prime Day every year, which is really two days now. Amazon warehouse workers? Not so much.

During the pandemic, there were many reports of Amazon warehouse workers being forced to work overtime, work while sick, and be denied bathroom breaks. These conditions should not occur, and some workers fought back. Many workers have the same feelings about Amazon Prime Day and, with that made-up holiday just behind us, many workers are now feeling the effects, and that could be because of the work conditions in Amazon warehouses.

Safety Hazards Abound

At many factory and warehouse jobs, there are safety hazards that workers deal with every day. But that does not mean that workers agree to get injured and just get back to work. There have been numerous reports about Amazon warehouse safety hazards, and here are three of the most serious.

Slip and fall accidents. Especially during Prime Day, something that many workers describe as Prime Week, people are rushing around. It is common for workers to be denied time off and to be required to work overtime. This combination can provide a dangerous condition for workers in a warehouse when machinery leaks or someone drops a drink. Many workers are too busy to bother cleaning up, and someone else rushing along slips and falls on the wet surface. Although slipping and falling can be embarrassing, it can also be extremely painful and physically damaging.

Forklifts. Forklifts are heavy machinery that can cause serious injuries if not operated absolutely correctly. When this heavy machinery is combined with workers pushed to the brink, accidents can happen. Forklift accidents also happen because of poor worker training. If someone were hired to help with the Prime Day surge but did not receive proper training, they could easily cause an injury to themselves or a colleague.

Repetitive motion. The body is not meant to move in the same manner all day, every day. And that is what some Amazon warehouse workers endure, especially those on assembly lines. Repetitive movement builds up over time, so it may not cause health problems immediately. But when a worker makes the same movement time and again, day after day, repetitive motion injuries are bound to occur.

Workers’ Rights

When an employee suffers an injury on the job, they are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. Under the system, fault is not at issue, unless an employee intentionally injured themselves. That means anyone who suffers injuries at an Amazon warehouse could be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits.

However, there could be other ways to recover damages. Workers may also be entitled to additional compensation if they can prove Amazon was negligent in the way they operated. Using the forklift example above, if Amazon did not properly train an employee before using the forklift, an injured employee could argue for compensation beyond Workers’ Compensation because of Amazon’s negligence.

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